Our Approach
As we specialise in Swaps and Derivatives the professionals we work with have business and technical expertise rarely found in other generic recruitment/consulting firms.

Whether addressing long term staffing needs or short term project requirements every organisation has differing priorities. Through our comprehensive recruitment and consulting services we can offer a solution tailored to your specific needs, helping you to find:-

  • Full-time Employees - Meeting the long term needs of your Business
  • Consultants - Teams of highly effective professionals delivering business critical solutions to budget or timescales. 
  • Contractors - Qualified individuals providing short/medium term fulfilment of skill gaps within your organisation.
If you would like Swapsdata to help you find resources to fill Swaps related roles please contact us at recruitment@swapsdata.com
Industry Professionals
We are interested in working with individuals that have in-depth knowledge in any of the following areas.
  • Interest Rate Swaps
  • Credit Derivatives
  • Risk Management
  • Confirmation and Affirmation
  • Post trade Clearing and Settlement
People with active involvement in industry products and solutions are of particular relevance to the roles we have available. These include:-
  • SwapClear
  • DerivSERV
  • Markit Wire
  • Tri-Optima
  • ISDA and FpML

If you are potentially looking for new opportunities and would like to learn more about what is available please send your C.V. to recruitment@swapsdata.com